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Protect your personal belongings with Renters Insurance

Your landlord's insurance likely only covers the property and not your stuff. But renters insurance covers it all from clothes and furniture to electronics and more.

Renters insurance policy includes medical payments coverage to help pay for others' medical bills if they're injured at your place. Plus, your policy includes liability coverage in case someone else sues you. Typically, someone would sue you if they're hurt at your place or if you damage their property.

Getting a policy is incredibly easy.  The whole thing takes less than an hour, It's also incredibly cheap: if you're a single or cohabitating apartment-dweller, your rate will probably be between $200 and $350 a year. That's about $30 a month or less.

A policy insures your stuff, not your place. If your landlord has insurance on the building, it won't do you any good if you lose your possessions in a fire. But since it's not tied to a specific apartment, it's easy to transfer the policy when you move.

Use photos to itemize. A renters policy isn't itemized; it covers a lump sum based on the estimated worth of your possessions. So you should also take photos of the items covered by your policy and keep them somewhere safe besides your house. That way, if something does happen, you’ll have proof to show the insurance company.